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Pearl’s Words of Wisdom

To begin the new year 2017 we decided that we would clean out the shop and start over. 
  To begin we and a bag sale for two workdays. We were pleased that we had very little left over that we had to discard. 
Then came the hard part. The” muscle men” became “male strippers” they stripped  and waxed the floors. They started on a Wednesday afternoon after we had closed the shop and worked all day on Thursday. Thanks to their hard work the floors looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much. On Friday the “worker bees” had to re-stock the thrift shop. With many helping hands the shop was ready to be opened on Saturday morning.  It is amazing how much can be accomplished in such a short period of time when there are so many willing workers. 
We have already received many nice donations for the new year. We have 2 organs for sale. 
We have an interesting little story. At least it’s interesting to Barbara Morgan and I.  Last Wednesday toward the end of the day, Barbara and I were discussing how happy we were.   We seemed to have done very well that day.  Near the end a couple of ladies came in.  One of the ladies took a basket and began filling it with glassware.  She was in a very, very happy mood.  Laughing and exuberant.  She stayed in the middle room for quite some time.  We could hear her laughing. She seemed to truly be enjoying herself.  Barbara and I talked about how we were going to be able to add a good amount of money to our day’s take.  As she came from the middle room she could not carry the basket.  She had to push it across the floor with her foot.  She could hardly pick it up to put in on the desk.  As Barbara began adding up the items, the lady said “no, no, no, it’s $1.00 a bag. “ We had to explain to her that the bag sale was last week.  We thought she probably would just leave the items since she probably would not want all the items she picked up. But she wanted a few items and, thankfully, she put all the glassware back on the shelves.  Cheryl did have to take the big pile of clothes she placed on the table back to the workroom to re-hang.  Needless to say, the joy we had all been feeling vanished. 
We extend a hearty welcome to our “winter worker bees” and “winter musclemen.”  It’s wonderful to have the extra help.  We also welcome our other winter families from the cold north to nice, warm, sunny Fort Myers Florida. They, too are so willing to lend a helping hand, and we are so grateful. 
As we close our letter for this month, we say to all please pray for peace on earth.

Pearl Gunderson