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Meet the staff

Rev. Esther Rodriguez                                                             

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Pastor Esther

Pastor Esther is a native of Puerto Rico living in Florida since childhood.  Her call to ministry is founded and propelled by her experience of God’s grace.  “It’s all about grace” she often says.  She is passionate about worship, missions, reaching the marginalized of society and those who have left church due to bad experiences.  She loves reading, movies, her dog and cat, and a good cup of cafe con leche.

She can be reached at pastor@ticechurch.org







Paula Hanson RN, Faith Community Nurse

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Paula Hanson
I would have to describe myself as a spiritual “late bloomer”.  Prior to the Holy Spirit leading me to Tice church, I had not attended any church for well over thirty years.  I was educated and worked in Minneapolis in the hospital setting as well as home health care until I relocated to Florida where I worked in a family practice clinic for eighteen years.  I attribute all of my spiritual growth so far to the Tice church community.  I was introduce to the concept of Parish nursing and again the Holy Spirit grabbed hold of me and would not let go.  I took the necessary course work through Lee Memorial Health System, and was commissioned as your Parish nurse with a covenant between our parish and the LMHS.  I am honored and humbled to be called to be your health counselor, educator, resource agent, integrator of faith and health, and your health advocate.  I am excited to grow spiritually with you and allow the Holy Spirit to continue the nourishment of my yet unopened “bloom”.



Judy Morgan

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Judy Morgan

We knew we wanted to retire in Florida when Eddy retired from the military in 1982.  Some of the Morgan family were already here in Fort Myers so we had our house built a few blocks from Eddy’s brother and we moved right in.  Our boys were involved in Boy Scouts at our last duty station.  We were delighted to know that Tice UMC had a very active troop.  I had been raised in a Methodist church from birth so the boys joined the Boy Scout troop and we got involved in the church.  The week before I turned 62 the business where I worked was sold they moved out of state.  At the same time Tice UMC was looking for a part time secretary.  I did not have many computer skills but I offered to work for free for two weeks to see if I could really do it.  Under the guidance or our then pastor, Michael Sims, I felt like I was capable of learning what I needed to do.  I was hired in 2005 and have been working here three hours a day, five days a week and I love it!

E-mail Judy at info@ticechurch.org