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Harry Chapin Hunger Walk

2018 Hunger Walk 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Tice United Methodist Church had 45 registered walkers.  45!  Only 40 actually walked due to illnesses and other commitments.  It was a cool, wonderful day and we met lots of WINK TV commentators and the CEO of the Harry Chapin Food Bank.  Courtney Thomas was in 1st place – the first one to complete the walk.  (There is no recognition for this, but that was his goal. Way to go!) We met lots of other people dedicated to feeding the hungry.. 

$305.000.00 has been raised – way over the goal that was set.  Our church isn’t finished raising money yet…but at this writing, we have raised $4,400.00.  It’s not too late to donate and we have several donors that haven’t paid their pledges.  Next month I’ll give the final count.   

As I walked this year, I thought about other years and other walkers that got me involved…Carol Carlton, Pat Blessing, Walt Kingman, Frances Roberts.  I’ve only walked four years but so many of you have walked with me and I have enjoyed getting to know the people of this church.  Thank you, thank you for all you do for the Food Bank, for this church and for each other.  Thank you, God, for all our blessings.  ~Jan Kennedy